Digital vault | Escrow and security guarantee

On behalf of our clients, we have entered a collaboration with an authorized accountant who at all times has access to our digital art database and the register of ownership. When an artwork, related content and/or other creative contents are uploaded into our database, it is simultaneously uploaded into the authorized accountant's database. The register of ownership is updated on a weekly basis. The database can only be accessed by the authorized accountant himself, and in the event of bankruptcy or other circumstances where Connected.ART AS is unable to follow up on its obligations under their respective agreements, the authorized accountant has the right and duty to contact and transfer the art to the owners according to the register of ownership. Owners who may not be registered, but who can document their ownership, will also be able to receive the art in such a case.

This measure is initiated in addition to normal backup procedures to guarantee our customers interests and security.

Please read the confirmation statement from the authorized accountant, Henning Stanger, here.

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