These Terms of Use (hereinafter the "Terms") describe your rights and obligations as an user of and associated domains and pages. These Terms also govern the processing of personal data that occurs when you use your account for services linked to Connected.ART (the "Services", or separately a "Service"), as well as Connected.ART's processing of the personal data handled in and associated domains and pages.

When you register as a user, regardless of type, and / or use one or more services and / or shops at Connected.ART, it also means that you have accepted and accepted the terms of use that apply at all times.

The service provider and seller is Connected.ART (Connected.ART AS) directly or as an intermediary (sales agent) of art and art experiences as well as related products and services.

Registration / Biographical

In order to use services and shop at Connected.ART, you must register as a "User". This is to achieve the highest possible security and quality around rights, payments, deliveries and the use of our services in general. Connected.ART allows you, as a registered user, to create and publish content on and associated domains and pages, and gives you the ability to control and restrict access to such content. In light of the content of the service, carefully select the information you want to post on the pages and refrain from posting anything illegal, especially with respect to rights. We will not change or monitor User Listed Content, but we reserve the right to remove any User Listed Content that comes to our attention and which, in our sole discretion, violates this Agreement.

All information you provide in connection with the registration must be correct and you are personally responsible for keeping it up to date. The information will be stored securely and will not be accessible to unauthorized persons. Once you have read the terms, accepted them, and registered, you will be able to place a purchase order for goods and services with Connected.ART. Keep your password safe. This is a security feature for you and should be used every time you use Connected.ART. You decide your password when you register, the username is automatically set to your email address. You can choose to establish a profile name that will be your visible name in our system. Your actual name will then never be exposed to third parties without your own preference and consent.

Connected.ART is responsible for all personal information you provide to us or which we share when you place a purchase order or visit our website. The information will be used for distribution of goods and to send you information about services related to Connected.ART. Under no circumstances will Connected.ART entrust the provided personal data or any other information about Connected.ART's customers to a third party beyond what is required to deliver the goods and services you have ordered or used.

Your login information

Your Connected.ART account and user are personal and you are responsible for all activity that occurs through the use of your account and user. If someone accesses your login information, they can use it to order services or products, or publish art and art experiences in your name. Therefore, it is important that you keep your login information safe.

If you know, or suspect that someone else has access to your login information, you must immediately change your login information.

You are personally responsible for logging out after use and for ensuring that your computer, phone or other devices are not left unattended while logged in.

Close your Connected.ART account

You can terminate or terminate your Connected.ART account at any time. Please note that using the Services or any portion of the Services may require you to have an active Connected.ART account. This means that you will no longer be able to access those services or parts of the Services if you terminate or terminate your account.

When selling art (of any kind), virtual galleries, art experiences or anything related (all together called “Creative content”) as an Artist, you cannot eliminate data related to the Creative content you have sold including basic information about you as an artist. As a facilitator and intermediary (sales agent) Connected.ART needs to secure the interest of both parties in transactions. In extraordinary cases please contact us at to discuss the case.

If you have bought art (of any kind), virtual galleries, art experiences or anything related as an Art Consumer or Art Investor and close your account without moving, selling or giving away your acquired Creative content, the ownership will be transferred to Connected.ART before your account will be deleted.

You can view the contract terms and termination terms applicable to the Services in the specific terms of use of the relevant Services.

Legal use

You are responsible for ensuring that you, as a user of Connected.ART products and services, do so in accordance with these Terms of Use, the special terms and conditions of the relevant services, as well as applicable laws and generally accepted practices.

As a registered user, and without limitation, you must not post, transmit, send or otherwise make available, through or in connection with the Service, the following:

  • All content that may violate your privacy. Respect the privacy of others.
  • Any photos or other information related to living individuals (other than your own), if done without their consent.
  • Any information relating to minors or children, which identifies them, their personal details or other related, without the direct consent of parents or guardians.
  • Any content that does not belong to you or that you do not have the right to use.
  • All content that infringes and / or infringes property or the rights of others, including copyrights and trademarks. We are very sensitive to copyright and other intellectual property rights. Please note that content, including photographs, even if submitted to a site of which you are a member, belongs to the creator or submitter, and you should not reproduce it without the owner's permission.
  • Any content that may be detrimental to any active litigation that you are aware of; is illegal or promotes or teaches illegal activity.
  • Any computer virus or other malicious code.
  • All content that violates our philosophy of freedom of expression.
  • All content that violates our Privacy Statement.

You must not:

  • Pretend to be someone other than the person you are through your own name or username that you yourself have established and have rights to.
  • Claim to be an employee or representative of Connected.ART AS or any of its affiliates.
  • Persecute or harass or make continuous or regular contact with other users without their consent or encouragement or after consent or encouragement has, expressly or impliedly, been withdrawn.
  • Send commercial emails, junk mail, junk mail or other email that may be bothering their recipient (s).
  • Use our website or service in a way that may harm our name and reputation.
  • Restrict or prevent other people from using the site or service.
  • Utilize for any commercial purpose any part of, use of or access to the Website beyond the scope of the Service.
  • Perform an activity that requires some form of payment from members and / or users of affiliated domains and pages beyond what the Service facilitates and is permitted through the individual Service.
  • Advertise or offer to sell products or services, except where expressly permitted by us, and by law (in which case you must comply with all terms and conditions of such activities as we specify).

Except with express written consent, you must not electronically copy or store all or part of the Site or its content, or make available, distribute, sell or offer to sell all or part of the Site or its content, or systematically download any content and data from or through the Website to make or populate another database for any purpose. Harvesting of data and pages from the site without our express written consent is strictly prohibited. Except with our express prior written consent, resale of Connected.ART content, products and / or services is strictly prohibited. Buying Connected.ART art and art experiences and then selling it to anyone outside of is prohibited. All art objects and art experiences purchased through Connected.ART must also be resold through the Connected.ART system, and electronic change-of-ownership agreement must be completed upon sale. This is to safeguard the rights, content and value on behalf of our artists, art collectors, art buyers and art investors. The exception is if the Service explicitly allows sales outside

Any activity within the scope of the Site, which is brought to our attention and is in violation of the applicable law, determined in our discretion, will be submitted to the appropriate authorities.

Offensive content

Connected.ART sets freedom of speech very high, and art in its form should be free.

Connected.ART will fight for this in line with our philosophy.

Nevertheless, we want our various users, who represent all types and groups of people, to be able to choose what they are exposed to as much as possible. Therefore, we want art that includes pornography, violence and / or particularly offensive content to be placed in our area called "18+". We ask you to make sure this is respected.

We also ask our artists to consider the necessity of the means they use, especially when it comes to content that may be considered obscene, defamatory, derogatory, dishonest, degrading, abusive, hateful, false, misleading, inaccurate, false, harmful, offensive, harassing, threatening, or encouraging racial, religious or ethnic hatred.

We also point out that statements that are perceived as incitement to violence, threats, terrorism, or personal defamation may be unlawful by the law in which you are located, or in the country Connected.ART operates.

Intellectual Property Rights

Connected.ART holds the intellectual property rights to text, images, designs and other materials and other information made available through your use of and associated domains and pages, and the underlying program code. Such material and information cannot be used in any way other than within the scope of normal use of your Connected.ART account.

You are personally responsible for ensuring that all materials (text, images, video, music, etc.) that you make available through your Connected.ART account and / or services do not infringe any third party's intellectual property rights and that it does not violate any laws or generally accepted practices. The material itself and its availability must not violate the Intellectual Property Act and Trademark Law. Read more about this in the "Legal use" section.


Information about visits to our website is logged anonymously. The logs do not contain personally identifiable information, but are used to measure website traffic. The measurements provide statistics that help us in our efforts to make our site functional and user-friendly, and to present relevant content and ads. Cookies, electronic images (web beacons) and various tracking scripts are used for this purpose.

More information about cookies, web tracking and privacy policy.

Order placing

Only persons who have accepted our terms can trade with Connected.ART. Purchased order is binding. False orders or bidding will be reported to the police. Attempts at fraud, forgery and other criminal activities will be prosecuted.

Your order is binding when the order is registered on our server (computer). We are bound by your order at the same time if it does not differ from what is offered by us in our online store, our marketing or otherwise. However, you have the right to withdraw from the purchase under the right of withdrawal if the product or service is not used. Most of Connected.ART's products and services are not affected by the right of withdrawal as the product or service is immediately available or put into production.

When we receive your order, we will confirm the order and automatically send you an order confirmation. Carefully read the order confirmation when you receive it and check if the order confirmation is in accordance with the order.



The art sold on Connected.ART is made and published without any warranty whatsoever, and does not contain any responsibility for the merchantability and usability of products for special purposes.

The services provided free of charge are also used without any warranty whatsoever, and Connected.ART has no responsibility for the usability of the product for any particular purpose. The paid services are regulated in their own terms related to the special and relevant service.

Under no circumstances can Connected.ART be held liable for any damages, including any specific, indirect or consequential damages, or any other damages that cause loss of rights, data or profits, whether in connection with a contract, or due to neglect or other infringing action, which may occur in connection with use or manufacture with/on and associated domains and pages.

Any complaint about the artwork sold by Connected.ART on behalf of artists is the responsibility of the originator. Nevertheless, Connected.ART has agreed with the originator to assist it in relation to the buyer, so you only have to deal with Connected.ART.


Your Connected.ART account may from time to time be totally or partially unavailable due to system maintenance or other reasons. We will provide you with information about such events as soon as possible. However, under no circumstances can Connected.ART be held liable for any consequences or damage arising from your inability to use your Connected.ART account as intended.


Connected.ART may change these Terms of Use at any time and without notice. In this case, by logging on to or associated domains and pages you will be presented with new terms of use which must then be accepted for continued use of the services.


We otherwise make reservations about typos, inventory errors, sold-out items and logical errors on our pages.

Violation of these Terms of Use

If it emerges that your User and Connected.ART-account have violated the Terms of Use or Special Terms and Conditions of Service, or Connected.ART has reasonable cause to believe that such breach has occurred, Connected.ART reserves the right to: suspend or temporarily block your user and Connected.ART-account with immediate effect and without prior notice.

Current law and dispute resolution

If you live in the EEA (European Economic Area), these Terms of Use and your use of your Connected.ART-account are governed by the laws of the country of residence.

If you live outside the EEA, these terms of use and your use of your Connected.ART-account are governed by the law in Norway. Unless the law states otherwise, disputes related to these terms of use shall be adjudicated by the Norwegian court in Oslo District Court in the first instance.

Here's how to contact us

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