Connected.ART proudly presents: Scandinavia's first virtual art park!

An invisible art park covering 45.000 square meters. It becomes visible and alive when you download the application from Connected.ART.

Follow the coastal path and check out the digital map. On the marked bars and in the map zones you will meet and find sculptures, secret rooms, galleries and various art and cultural experiences.

Sjøholmen and Connected.ART invite you to a new type of art and nature experience: Scandinavia's first virtual art park - part of Bærum Municipality's "Pearls on a fjord".

The Virtual art park consists of both permanent and temporary artistic elements, and will be in a continuous development in the years to come.

The Virtual Art Park Sjøholmen starts at the Sjøholmen art and culture house, where you can experience augmented reality artworks inside.

Connected.ART would like to thank all the wonderful artists, Sjøholmen art and culture house, Innovation Norway and the municipality of Bærum. Without their contribution, effort and love this would never been a reality.

Practical information

Price: 5 $

Access: 30 days

Opening hours: 24/7 (but sunlight is needed for the ultimate experience)

The mobile application is available on Android 9+ and iOS 13+

Sjøholmen art and culture house lend you the necessary equipment if you do not have it yourself. Welcome!

Scandinavia's first virtual art park
45.000 square meters
Permanent but ever changing
8 min outside Oslo
Local, national and international artists
Partial sales exhibition
(limited editions)
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Download the mobile application
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