For businesses and individuals

Oslo Art Park envisions becoming a center for artistic innovation, cultural celebration, and community engagement.

We strive to create a virtual heaven where art thrives, technology sparks creativity, and cultural diversity is celebrated.

To achieve our goals, collaboration is the key. We want to collaborate in every imaginable way with a wide variety of collaborations to ensure that this becomes something Oslo can be proud of, something that brings joy to all residents, and that all visitors and tourists remember as a unique experience when they think of the city.

We seek cooperation with artists of all kind, art institutions, galleries, museums and art schools. We seek cooperation with technology developers and creative entrepreneurs. We seek cooperation with graphic designers, marketing agencies, innovation hubs and research institutions. We seek cooperation with the municipality, the city council and the state. We seek cooperation with businesses that have premises near the city's parks, and businesses that think they can contribute something or gain something from a collaboration.

New ideas and thoughts about how the various theme parks can also engage their customers, or how the artists can help lift their business, or vice versa.

You have nothing to lose by asking us to collaborate, let's see if we can create synergies.